Who Do You Want to Hang Out With?

My first post for the blog was about my first book boyfriend. Ahh, Beric Dane, how I loved him so. As much as I love my book boyfriends, I also love books that are full of secondary characters that make me want to visit the world again, and again.  They are the books that build a community filled with vividly painted families and friends who help the hero and heroine tell their story and entertain the reader along the way. Who hasn’t read Kristen Ashley and wished the could hang out at Fortnum’s and meet the rock chicks. If you’ve read Julia Quinn I bet you wished you could be friends with any one (likely all) of the Bridgertons. Thanks to Carrie Ann Ryan, I wish I could get my next tattoo at Montgomery Ink.  Because of Kathleen Brooks I want to go to Keeneston, Kentucky and hang out with…well everyone.  I think one of the hallmarks of a great romance isn’t just the joy a reader experiences when the hero and heroine get their happily ever after, it’s also leaving the reader with the feeling that they’ve made new friends in that wonderful world and they can’t wait to go back.  I could spend the rest of the day talking about the books that made me wish I could step between the pages and meet all the wonderful, funny, amazing characters inside and hang out with them for a little while.  Who would you visit if you could?


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