Are You Ready for Some Football

It’s that time of year again.  College football season. As a fan of the USC Trojans, football season officially begins for me today with today’s game against W. Michigan.  When I was younger, I watched football because I was the only girl and my brothers and their friends wanted to watch.  If I didn’t want to be alone doing something else, I watched football.  Once my teen years hit, football became more fascinating because my brother’s teammates mostly ranged from cute to hot.  I still vividly remember the time my mom wanted me to run something into my brother after a game.  I waited patiently in the hall outside the locker room and one of his friends, the hot player I was totally crushing on at the time, walked from the showers to the locker room in nothing but a towel.  I’m still surprised I didn’t turn into a puddle right then and there.  He broke my heart  few months later, but that’s a totally different story…The Night of 1000 Tipsies.

As I got older, I started to appreciate the game for its own sake. My brother played college football and learning the sport from him was a way for us to build a relationship that had been rocky for a long time due to our competitive natures and our closeness in age.

Now, I love football, particularly college football.  I love it so much, my contemporary series, due out next year, revolves around the coaching staff for a college football team, but that’s a post for another day.

College football season in our house is PAC-12 all the way. My husband is a fan of that other LA college, which I consider a 4 letter word. We pretend to support each other’s teams when they aren’t playing each other. But that week in November is a flurry of meme’s and trash talk trying to out do each other in support of either the Trojans or the Bruins.

I’ll be glued to the television in a few hours freaking out my dogs, who do not understand why their mom is jumping off the couch and screaming like a maniac.  But I am a Trojan till the end. I’ve got to cheer for my team.  Who are you rooting for this season?


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