Moments of Beauty

Yesterday I posted about the beginning of college football season.  My USC Trojans had a few missteps, but they won their season opener. W. Michigan gave me some heart palpations. They had some serious talent.  The moment that will stay with my for a long time came late in the 4th quarter with about 3 minutes left to play.  USC had just scored a touchdown and was preparing to kick the extra point.  I was waiting for the usual when it was clear something unusual was happening.  Something profound and beautiful was happening.

I had no clue that a member of the USC football team was blind. His name is Jake Olson and he lost his sight when he was 12.  He played in high school and joined the Trojans roster in 2015.  Until yesterday, he’d only ever snapped the ball in practice.  In yesterday’s game he snapped the football for the extra point.  It was a fabulous snap and USC got the extra point, making the final score 49-31.

I watched Jake being led to the field, his hand on his teammates shoulder. I watched his teammates orient him to the line of scrimmage.  I watched that remarkable young man deliver a straight, strong snap. It brought me to tears.  It inspired me. It was a moment of true beauty.

Now I am going to go back to writing.  There’s this new character that’s asking for a spot on the college football team in my upcoming series.


Are You Ready for Some Football

It’s that time of year again.  College football season. As a fan of the USC Trojans, football season officially begins for me today with today’s game against W. Michigan.  When I was younger, I watched football because I was the only girl and my brothers and their friends wanted to watch.  If I didn’t want to be alone doing something else, I watched football.  Once my teen years hit, football became more fascinating because my brother’s teammates mostly ranged from cute to hot.  I still vividly remember the time my mom wanted me to run something into my brother after a game.  I waited patiently in the hall outside the locker room and one of his friends, the hot player I was totally crushing on at the time, walked from the showers to the locker room in nothing but a towel.  I’m still surprised I didn’t turn into a puddle right then and there.  He broke my heart  few months later, but that’s a totally different story…The Night of 1000 Tipsies.

As I got older, I started to appreciate the game for its own sake. My brother played college football and learning the sport from him was a way for us to build a relationship that had been rocky for a long time due to our competitive natures and our closeness in age.

Now, I love football, particularly college football.  I love it so much, my contemporary series, due out next year, revolves around the coaching staff for a college football team, but that’s a post for another day.

College football season in our house is PAC-12 all the way. My husband is a fan of that other LA college, which I consider a 4 letter word. We pretend to support each other’s teams when they aren’t playing each other. But that week in November is a flurry of meme’s and trash talk trying to out do each other in support of either the Trojans or the Bruins.

I’ll be glued to the television in a few hours freaking out my dogs, who do not understand why their mom is jumping off the couch and screaming like a maniac.  But I am a Trojan till the end. I’ve got to cheer for my team.  Who are you rooting for this season?